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Some of the teaching resources used during the Wellington Intensive Care Medicine (WICM) courses can be downloaded below. The course faculty have made these freely available; each author retains their copyright. They are available below, grouped by year of use.
Not all resources will be made available as some vivas & SAQs are reused in subsequent courses.

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All files can be downloaded individually.
To save time, all the resources have been combined into a single archive (approx 60 Mb size) which can be downloaded using the orange button below.

Short Answer Questions - Ywain Lawrey & Rob Bevan
Data Interpretation Talk - David Knight
Data Interpretation Talk Supplement - David Knight
Waveforms Viva - David Knight
Short Answer Questions Archive - all faculty
Vivas archive - all faculty
All WICM 16 Resources Archive
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All files can be downloaded individually.
More resources from the 2019 course will be posted once available.

How to Ace the ABG - Kate Tietjens