WICM Course Payment Options


WICM is a not-for-profit course. All fees go towards paying for venue hire, catering, and out-of-town faculty travel & accommodation. None of the faculty receive attendance or speaking fees. The course fee is inclusive of attendance for all sessions, in-course catering (lunch, morning & afternoon teas) & the candidate course dinner.

We offer 3 different ways to pay the WICM course fee.

  • If you have an NZ bank account, we recommend option one.
  • If you are paying from overseas, option two is the cheapest and easiest. Please ensure you transfer NZ$1900 (not the same amount in your local currency)
  • If you wish to pay by credit card, we offer option three but this attracts a 5% fee from PayPal

Please select an option from those below. For options one or two you wlil require the course bank account details provided by the Course Administrator. If you have not received these details, please use the orange button in option one to contact them. Enter the invoice number you have been provided with in the reference field of any payment you make.


Bank Transfer

For New Zealand residents, the cheapest way to pay is by direct bank transfer to the WICM course account. The course administration will have provided you with the bank account details. If not, use the button below.



Transferwise is the preferred method for those paying from outside New Zealand. It is fast, safe and cheap. The course administrator will have provided you with the NZ bank account details.



PayPal allows you to pay by credit card. For this, we are charged a 5% currency conversion fee. As we are not-for-profit, this fee is passed on to you at checkout. Option Two is cheaper & recommended.